Enterprise PPC Management

What exactly is the purpose of enterprise PPC management?

PPC advertising is an effective approach for increasing site visitors—and thereby qualified leads and income. Facenob Media understands the necessity of optimizing ROAS, regardless of budget. However, for businesses with monthly PPC spending above $25,000, it is even more critical to enhance budget efficiency and get the greatest potential outcomes from your sponsored ad campaigns. You’ve probably heard of the ROAS formula if you’ve ever run a large-budget PPC campaign: ROAS = total campaign income/total campaign cost. But, in terms of commercial effect, what does ROAS mean? Finally, your corporate PPC management strategy should optimize ROAS while focusing on delivering concrete outcomes for your company.

3 Pointers for Increasing ROAS.

Now that you know what corporate PPC is all about, let’s look at three ideas for increasing your ROI.

1. Establish conversion tracking:

You must activate conversion monitoring for your paid ad campaigns if you want to get the best results. This enables you to identify which advertisements generate the most significant conversions for your corporate firm. If you have success with a certain platform or sort of paid advertising, you may increase your spending on top-converting advertisements. On the other side, you might reduce your budget for ineffective advertisements or platforms. Setting up conversion monitoring is critical if you want to learn which sorts of advertisements perform best for your business.

2. Use ad targeting to reach out to quality leads:

Most paid ad networks have comprehensive targeting capabilities, allowing you to target leads based on demographics, geography, and even the device they use to see your advertising. These and other targeting choices enable you to connect with your most important audience – individuals who are likely to buy your goods and services. Implement ad targeting to reach more qualified leads if you want to optimize ROAS.

3. Monitor and optimize your sponsored advertisements:

Finally, keep in mind that PPC is not a set-it-and-forget-it technique. If you want to generate the highest ROAS, you must constantly monitor and optimize. Fortunately, PPC partners such as Facenob Media can assist. Our corporate PPC solutions provide comprehensive reporting and optimization capabilities to help customers get the best results possible. Continue reading to find out more about our digital ad management methodology.

Our strategy for business PPC management.

Facenob Media innovatively approaches enterprise ad management, integrating insights and research from our team of paid ad strategists with AI-powered data to get the best outcomes possible. You will have access to a complete team of paid search analysts when you deal with us. Our professionals specialize in a variety of PPC sectors, including search advertisements and display advertising on Google, Bing, and others. Expert guidance is merely a click or phone call away, regardless of the platform or type of advertisement you employ.

What is included in Facenob Media’s commercial PPC plans?

For our business PPC programs, Facenob Media provides straightforward pricing and deliverables. Not many PPC companies post this information publicly, but we want our customers to know what to expect when they hire us. Here are just a few examples of what you may expect from our tailored, business-oriented PPC programs. Check out our price chart above for a detailed breakdown.

Search engine advertisements:

When consumers search for terms relating to your company, you want to be at the top of the results, and sponsored search advertisements enable you to do just that. This is critical since high rankings make your company look more trustworthy. Earning top search engine rankings helps you gain more clicks, site visitors, and conversions. You are only charged when visitors click on your listings. This means you won’t waste money attempting to promote to searchers who aren’t interested in your goods or services, in addition to optimizing your budget.

Display advertisements:

Display advertising on Bing and Google’s Display Network is also included in our corporate PPC programs. Instead of placing advertisements in search results, display advertising enables you to run ads on a variety of websites around the Internet.

For example, the Google Display Network alone allows you to reach 90% of Internet users with advertising opportunities on over two million websites, videos, and applications. You may also choose to target certain websites, situations, audiences, and places. Display advertising’s reach and targeting choices enable your corporate firm to reach and convert your most valued clients. Facenob Media can assist you in managing ad design and placement so that you can get the most out of your paid ad budget.


You may use remarketing to display advertising to individuals who have previously shown interest in your company, goods, or services. Remarketing is a very effective tactic since consumers who view retargeted advertisements are 70% more likely to convert. What is the process of remarketing? If visitors explore certain goods or services on your site or put things in their carts but do not make a purchase, you may use remarketing to remind them of these items when they visit other websites. This is a wonderful approach for getting people to return to your site and eventually buy, and retargeting is included in our corporate PPC plans.

Shopping advertisements:

Our corporate ad management programs now cover the production and administration of retail ads. Shopping ads on search engines such as Google and Bing enable you to promote inventory, improve website and store traffic, and attract high-quality prospects. Shopping advertisements include photographs of your items with text, giving searchers an inside peek at what you have to offer and encouraging them to visit your website or shop to discover more. You may also provide important information such as product names, pricing, and your business name.

Website-specific media purchases:

Do you want to buy ad space on websites where your target audience spends time online? Facenob Media’s corporate PPC solutions offer specific advertising buys to increase brand recognition and connect you with targeted clients. This is an excellent technique to improve lead quality and, eventually, convert more leads into loyal customers.

Building ad creatives and landing pages:

We will manage the creative aspects of your PPC advertising in addition to monitoring your ad expenditure. Your PPC bid isn’t the only factor that influences ad placement. This is particularly true for sponsored advertisements on search networks such as Google. The quality score is determined by many variables, including the click-through rate. Previous campaign performance Ad quality and relevance Ad creatives and landing pages play a significant role in increasing clicks and conversions while also assuring the relevancy and quality of your sponsored advertisements. Facenob Media creates PPC advertising and landing pages to increase conversions.

Video marketing:

Video advertising is an effective method, particularly when combined with paid advertising. Videos may increase conversions by up to 80%. If your enterprise organization isn’t currently using video advertising, now is the time to start. We’ll help you integrate video advertisements across a variety of platforms, including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with our business ad management programs. Custom films help you engage and convert key prospects, and video advertising makes your enterprise firm stand out online.


Geofencing ad campaigns allow you to target specific audiences and regions. Geofencing, for example, may be used to display ads to clients who are attending an industry event, rivals’ locations, and other locations. Geofencing uses GPS or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies to establish virtual barriers ranging from one meter to 30,000 meters. Advanced location targeting enables you to reach qualified leads in a specific region and entice them to visit your shop or website. Continue reading to find out why Facenob Media is a top corporate PPC provider.

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