Digital Recruitment Marketing Services

Why Digital Recruitment Marketing Services are Important?

Shopping for a dream job is similar to searching for a product or service—you want to know all there is to know before you purchase (or apply). Before you commit or even indicate interest, you want to learn about the company, its advantages, its location, and its brand as a whole. After all, the aim is to sell the job to the proper person. But why is it vital to promote open positions in such a manner that consumers are excited and the position is sold? It is for your company’s future growth.

Scenario 1: No or little digital recruiting marketing:

You’re attempting to fill a graphic designer job at your marketing agency. You have two applications after a few weeks on a job site like Indeed. Both are competent, but neither seems to be enthusiastic about the work. They don’t appear to fit in at work, and they don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about the job as you and your colleagues are. What exactly is the problem? The problem is that after weeks of posting your job position on a job board, you only have two candidates. They do an excellent job, but you might have selected a better option for bringing the best to the table.

Scenario 2: Using online recruiting marketing:

You’re still looking for the same graphic designer at your marketing agency. With digital recruitment marketing services, you can supply a wealth of information about the job and your brand and have it distributed over the Internet to reach the widest possible pool of candidates.

You have 48 candidates after a few weeks on a job site like Indeed and publicizing the available position on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. After reviewing applications, you’re convinced that you’ve chosen the ideal candidate for your organization. They share your team’s enthusiasm for the task, and they bring happiness and brightness to the workplace. Because of your new application, your brand has improved.

What does this mean for the significance of recruitment marketing?

Without recruitment marketing, you risk employing someone who is unsuitable for the position, does not match your workplace culture, or does not bring any personality to the table. A recruitment marketing strategy is required to guarantee that you are effectively promoting the job opening and appealing to the applicants that you actually want to employ.

A digital recruiting strategy also makes it easier to spread the news about an available job since we will assist you in sharing it on social media channels. Hiring people that meet the bill is the best way to guarantee that your brand remains exactly as you’ve built it up to be in terms of culture and credentials. And the only way to find applicants who match the description is to use digital recruitment marketing to find them.

What digital recruiting marketing methods are required to attract qualified candidates?

Facenob Media offers four distinct digital recruiting packages with varying tactics dependent on your company, how far you want to go with your marketing, and other factors. Here are a handful of the services we provide:

Monthly recruiting ads:

Monthly recruitment advertisements are one of the most effective methods to reach a larger audience than a third-party recruiting site. Though these sites may be successful, recruitment advertising is beneficial for expanding the reach of your campaign. We have four distinct levels for monthly recruitment advertisements, each with a different pricing point for how much you spend on ads monthly.

Customized job landing pages:

Custom landing pages are used to sell goods and services, and open job vacancies are no exception. Custom job landing pages for people who click on the openings you’ve offered provide a more personalized experience and more successfully attract potential applications.

Keyword research:

Keyword research is essential for optimizing your job postings. As a result, initial keyword research is included in all of our digital recruiting marketing packages. It is significant because it helps you to target your most qualified candidate pools with the keywords that they use to locate employment.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools for tracking any marketing strategy. It enables you to monitor traffic, goal completions, conversions, and other metrics.

Each of our digital recruitment marketing packages includes the installation of Google Analytics, conversion monitoring for Google Analytics, and bespoke dashboards on the platform. This enables us to confirm that your job positions are functioning properly and to determine what we need to do in the campaign if they are not.

PPC management:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best strategies to guarantee that your job postings get the attention they need to attract applications. Our solutions include both Google PPC management and sponsored and targeted Facebook PPC management.

Dedicated account representative:

When you deal with Facenob Media, regardless of the size of your campaign, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative who will be with you throughout your campaign. They will be able to answer queries and give insight into the success of your campaign. You’ll be able to view more high-quality applications for the vacancies you’re trying to fill inside your organization thanks to our winning mix of digital recruitment marketing services.

Why should you choose Facenob Media for digital recruiting marketing?

With so many digital marketing organizations to pick from, it might be difficult to choose one for your digital recruiting efforts. We take pleasure in delivering the finest outcomes for our customers. Concerning customers, we have over 150+ client testimonials attesting to the high quality of our services. We work with a wide range of industry segments to develop personalized marketing strategies that help them achieve their own particular company objectives. We are professionals at creating the best job ads and optimizing and analyzing them over time to ensure that you receive the top candidates for your team.