Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

9 benefits Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services.

Addressable geofencing is a sensible and successful approach, whether your company is in the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors. You may easily reach and convert your audience by targeting the locations of companies as well as residential districts. The following are nine more advantages of addressable geofencing services:

1. Increase the effectiveness of your geofencing ad targeting.

Ad campaigns with little-to-no targeting fail quickly. As a result, targeting has become an essential component of digital advertising. With choices like geography, age, interests, and more, your company can develop hyper-targeted advertising that reaches the individuals you want rather than just a small portion of your audience. Facenob Media’s addressable geofencing advertising systems improve online advertising targeting. To gather the most recent data, our geofencing program analyses property tax information and plat line maps, which illustrate the many subdivisions of a piece of land.

2. Tailor your geofencing campaign to your specific requirements.

All of your campaigns will have a distinct purpose, whether you’re attempting to inspire people to come out for a seasonal sale at your retail store or generate quote requests year-round as part of your HVAC advertising plan. They may even have different audiences in certain circumstances, particularly if your company services both B2B and B2C consumers. As a result, a scalable, addressable geofencing system is essential. If you don’t have a scalable solution, your staff will be switching between providers and apps. It’s inconvenient, and you don’t need it. Our addressable geofencing software has the capability of targeting up to one million addresses per campaign.

3. Link your geofencing advertisements to foot traffic, purchases & leads.

It’s critical to credit your various channels when it comes to internet marketing, specifically geofencing advertising. For example, if your company receives a phone call as a result of your SEO strategy or social media advertising campaign, you want to know about it. The same approach applies to your efforts with addressable geofencing.

You want to know whether those advertisements result in a sale, shop visit, or phone contact since it lets you assess the efficacy of that approach. Our addressable geofencing services assist your team in tracking and attributing the following to your campaigns: Quote request forms, for example, are examples of web forms. Purchases are examples of ecommerce-related activities. Foot traffic, such as a shopping trip This kind of monitoring is quite beneficial to your organization.

4. Improve the success of other advertising efforts.

Other methods of advertising and marketing may be used, depending on your company. For example, your company may currently use direct mail to target specific addresses or traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to promote to specific locations. This benefit of addressable geofencing is invaluable. This is because businesses that take an omnichannel strategy to marketing and advertising retain almost 90% of their clients. You may also increase brand recognition and ultimately achieve the purpose of your advertising strategy: sales.

5. Make use of cross-device targeting.

While just 31% of transactions originate from cross-device interactions (when a user bounces between various devices, such as their phone and computer, before converting), cross-device targeting, including addressable geofencing, is still a vital tool in online advertising. It is also crucial for businesses that operate both offline and online.

Someone may find your goods online and then purchase them at your shop later. Using cross-device targeting gives your company more opportunity to contact your target demographic and make your offer. It also allows you to get an advantage over rivals who may overlook cross-device targeting and concentrate all of their efforts on a single channel or device.

6. Increase ad personalization.

Personalization is important not just to consumers but also to corporate purchasers. Customizing your marketing and advertising activities may have a significant influence on your bottom line. According to recent research, personalization may reduce acquisition expenses by up to 50% while increasing revenue by 5 to 15%. Your company (and dedicated Facenob Media account manager) may design a targeted and customized campaign using geofencing solutions such as our addressable geofencing services. Consider the fictitious Green Thumb Landscaping. These homeowners, for example, may wish to begin growing grass in their yards but lack the time.

7. Import and make use of offline data.

Another great advantage of our geofencing systems is their portability. You may utilize addressable geofencing advertising if your organization employs customer relationship management (CRM) software or particular databases. It’s quick and easy for your team to exchange and import this data, which may substantially enhance the success of your campaign.

Some more datasets that perform well with geofencing advertising are as follows: Automobile lease renewals Households with or without cable or internet Mortgage loan information Listings for direct mail and much more It is critical that your organization has a large database, regardless of the kind of database. If you merely want to utilize your CRM database or direct mail lists, your company should have at least 5000 addresses.

8. Gain access to zip+4 level reporting.

Reporting is an essential component of every advertising effort, whether it is offline or online. These last four numbers offer important information, such as the location and adjacent streets.

This detailed level of information may assist your team and dedicated Facenob Media account manager in determining the efficacy of your plan and the potential worth of a certain area. As a result, you eliminate the low-performing addresses and redirect more of your ad expenditure to the profitable ones. This data not only makes your campaign smarter, but it also makes your money go farther.

9. Get daily visitor updates.

People change, and you must evolve with them. As a result, our targeted geofencing services use software that refreshes your audiences on a regular basis. Daily audience updates assist your dedicated account manager in making intelligent and timely marketing and strategy decisions. They may make modifications promptly if they see a major movement in your audience. All of this information may help your staff have a better understanding of your consumer base.

What is the concept of addressable geofencing?

Our addressable geofencing services follow a simple yet personalized procedure. As a customer, you may anticipate the following: Meet your own account manager. Discuss your objectives, company, and target market. Examine the planned approach and creative materials from your account manager. Provide a list of addresses to be targeted. Receive monthly progress reports, plan updates,, and other information. If you have any questions, requests, or updates, please contact your dedicated account manager. Keep in mind that your company may access and monitor the results of your campaigns at any moment. Hiring an agency only on pricing may save your company money upfront, but it may bring irreversible harm. By not cleansing and preserving your data, these firms might compromise not just your consumer data but also your brand’s reputation. That is why it is vital to choose a geofencing business that wipes user data, such as Facenob Media.

Who is eligible to utilize addressable geofencing services?

Addressable geofencing may be used by and benefit businesses in a variety of sectors, including If you have any questions regarding addressable geofencing and whether it will help your business, please contact our team. We are not interested in suggesting services that will not benefit our customers’ companies since we judge our success by your success. Instead, we’re committed to assisting you in making the most of digital marketing and advertising. Contact us online or by phone at (+91) 9801017220 to speak with us one-on-one!