SEO Services for Product Listing Optimization on Amazon & Flipkart

SEO Services for Amazon & Flipkart

 Product Listing Optimization on AmazonProduct Listing Optimization on Amazon. To increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance, FacenobMedia, an SEO company for Amazon & Flipkart sellers, offers performance-driven SEO services for Amazon & Flipkart that incorporate the most cutting-edge software in the sector and the most creative product listing optimization techniques.

With SEO services for Amazon and Flipkart, you can reach half of the world’s customers.

When looking for a new product to purchase, over 60% of buyers resort to Amazon and Flipkart, resulting in the world’s two largest e-commerce platforms accounting for more than 50% of online sales.

With our results-driven SEO services for Amazon and Flipkart, we assist your company — and your items — in being the preferred option of customers worldwide. This leads to more sales, money, and growth for your firm, allowing you to do more with it.

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Pricing for FacenobMedia SEO Services for Amazon and Flipkart.

With Amazon and Flipkart search results growing more competitive and Amazon and Flipkart listings continuing to dominate conventional search results, it’s becoming critical for businesses to engage the skills of an Amazon and Flipkart SEO firm. FacenobMedia provides specialist SEO services for Amazon and Flipkart that assist your company in not only sustaining but also improving its sales statistics, which means you’re selling more inventory regularly. For pricing, call (+91) 9801017220.

With our product copywriting services, you can tailor your Amazon and Flipkart optimization services. Our skilled workers can produce optimized product descriptions that boost your ranks in search results, as well as engage and encourage customers to buy your product, whether you’re wanting to edit old product descriptions or optimize new goods on your storefront.

What is been included in our Amazon and Flipkart listing optimization services?

Our Flipkart and Amazon SEO listing optimization services cover the following:

  • Account manager on staff
  • Report on product listing audit and analysis
  • Keyword investigation
  • Optimization of product listings
  • Monitoring the in-stock rate, perfect order percentage, and order defect rate
  • Monthly reporting is required.
  • Product listing improvements are ongoing.

Dedicated Flipkart and Amazon marketing expert.

We have a group of over 50+ SEO consultants for Amazon and Flipkart, and when you work with our Amazon and Flipkart SEO firm, you will be assigned a hands-on and devoted expert for your account. They work one-on-one with you to create a competitive and data-driven SEO plan for both Flipkart and Amazon.

Extensive keyword research.

Your expert selects appropriate, high-value keywords for your items using our patented and exclusive client software. In all, your Amazon and Flipkart SEO specialist generates a list of 25 to 50 keywords per product.

Optimization of categories and subcategories.

Your items must be properly classified in order to appear in search results on Amazon, Flipkart, and Google. As a result, your personal Amazon SEO professional studies and optimizes your product for the most relevant and lucrative category and sub-category.

Professional copywriting.

We generate creative, on-brand, and detailed product copy as part of our add-on copywriting services to boost your online presence and provide value to customers. If necessary, we can additionally create copy for your Amazon and Flipkart stores to improve the customer experience.

Photography of Products.

We improve the effectiveness of your Amazon SEO campaign by optimizing your product photographs. If necessary, our experts may additionally arrange for product photography, ensuring that you satisfy Flipkart and Amazon’s image requirements and present buyers with the finest picture of your goods.

Inventory control optimization.

For the greatest outcomes from your Amazon and Flipkart SEO approach, you must have exceptional inventory management. As a result, our Amazon and Flipkart SEO services cover in-stock, flawless orders, and order defect rate monitoring. If we discover a drop in performance or inventories, we will notify you.

Analysis of competitors.

Our Flipkart and Amazon optimization services also involve a thorough competitive study. Each quarter, your Amazon and Flipkart SEO expert assesses your direct competition on Amazon. Their insights assist in improving your approach, resulting in more sales and better outcomes from our Flipkart and Amazon ranking services.

Analysis of user engagement.

We recognize that SEO for Flipkart and Amazon is much more than just raising your online exposure. It’s also about increasing user involvement with your product listing, whether they see it, add it to their basket, or buy it. As a result, our staff examines user interaction and pays attention to your listings.

Monthly reporting is required.

As part of our Amazon ranking services, we provide monthly data for utmost transparency. With this information, your team can see how your investment is paying off – and how it is helping your bottom line.

FBA assistance.

We’re more than just an SEO provider for Flipkart and Amazon; we’re also a business partner. That is why we have added Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) compatibility with our Amazon and Flipkart listing optimization services. We can assist you in making the most of FBA with the aid of our staff.

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How do our Flipkart and Amazon optimization services work?

You’re aware of our Amazon optimization services, but how do they work? Discover how our Amazon optimization services, as well as those of our professional account managers, work and coordinate with your team to design and improve product listings that increase sales.

1. Account inspection.

Our expert account managers will evaluate your Flipkart and Amazon accounts for the best outcomes. They examine your product listings, keyword targeting, and rankings to assess your Amazon and Flipkart SEO approach and identify growth prospects.

Your account manager will also meet with your team to learn about your current strategy and objectives. They may create a competitive strategy based on your comments that is suited to your short- and long-term objectives.

If you do not yet have an Amazon or Flipkart account, your account manager will meet with your team, either in person or over the phone. This meeting assists your account manager in developing a strategy for building your shop, uploading your items, and more.

2. Analysis of competitors.

Following that, our Flipkart and Amazon optimization services research your competition on

Your account manager will research your competitors’ keyword targeting, product characteristics, unique offers, and product optimization. Your account manager may adapt your approach based on their findings to fight (and outperform) your top rivals in Amazon and Flipkart search results and sales.

3. Strategy conception.

Following your account manager’s account audit and competitive study, they may begin developing your Flipkart and Amazon SEO plan. A variety of factors influence your strategy, including your objectives and the quantity of goods.

If you want to increase sales of top-selling products, for example, your account manager would most likely concentrate on product optimization for such items. Alternatively, if you want to start delivering slow-moving merchandise, their approach may center on improving those listings.

In any case, your personal Flipkart and Amazon SEO specialist will offer their approach to your team for assessment.

4. Keyword investigation.

Following that, your account manager will begin researching keywords for your Flipkart and Amazon SEO plans. They concentrate on locating relevant and high-value keywords that describe your items and indicate a transactional or ready-to-buy search intent.

We look for low-competition keywords as part of our Flipkart and Amazon SEO services. With less competition, your company’s items have a better chance of ranking higher in Amazon search results and avoiding harsh rivalry from bigger businesses such as Amazon.

5. Making a list.

If you want to launch or develop your Flipkart or Amazon Store, our Flipkart or Amazon SEO listing optimization services involve adding items. Your account manager will build and optimize your listing according to Amazon’s best practices, as well as liaise with a trusted third-party vendor for product photographs (if necessary).

6. Product enhancement.

Finally, your account manager improves your product listings, which contain the following:

  • Product names and descriptions should include relevant keywords.
  • Making certain that product photos adhere to Flipkart or criteria and suggestions
  • Choosing appropriate product categories and subcategories

With these changes, your organization may begin to improve the visibility of your items in Flipkart and Amazon search results, as well as their usefulness to customers. These modifications may result in increased sales and income for your company.

7. Logistics oversight.

The algorithm used by Flipkart and Amazon is based on more than just keywords; it also considers product inventories and order fulfillment. As a result, our Flipkart and Amazon SEO services include in-stock rate monitoring, FBA assistance, order defect rate monitoring, and flawless order percentage monitoring.

Your account manager may assist and support your team as you fulfill orders, refill items, and more with this service function. Companies must improve their listings and logistics for the best outcomes with SEO on Flipkart and Amazon.

8. Monthly reporting is required.

Your account manager will provide a monthly report for your team as part of your Flipkart and Amazon optimization services. This report makes it simple for your organization (and its management) to check in and track your SEO success on Flipkart and Amazon.

Your account manager will go through your report with you individually. If you have any questions, now is the time to contact your account manager. You may also request report adjustments or enhancements to make it more useful to you and your team.

9. Ongoing improvements.

Continuous optimization is required for Flipkart and Amazon to get the best outcomes.
That’s why our Amazon and Flipkart ranking services emphasize continual product improvement, whether it’s researching new keywords, improving product features, or introducing brand-new goods to your shop. Your company may continue to gain new clients and increase revenue with constant optimization.

Advantages of partnering with FacenobMedia for Amazon and Flipkart SEO services.

Partnering with FacenobMedia for Amazon SEO services provides various benefits, including:

  • Obtaining initial and continuing product listing adjustments to promote consistent sales
  • Finding and selecting keywords that provide the highest return on investment in terms of increasing sales
  • Having optimal text produced by a seasoned copywriter for your product listing
  • Receiving monthly data on the effect and return of Amazon’s optimization services
  • Obtaining regular knowledge of competing for keyword and price tactics
  • Working with a Flipkart and Amazon SEO professional to develop and maintain your SEO plan
  • Obtaining genuine, quantifiable outcomes from Flipkart and Amazon SEO, such as increased ranks and sales

Why should you work with FacenobMedia for SEO services for Flipkart and Amazon?

For many years, we have been the preferred option for e-commerce businesses. Learn why companies select FacenobMedia for Amazon and Flipkart SEO services:

  • Data-driven approaches.

FacenobMedia distinguishes itself from other suppliers of SEO services for Amazon and Flipkart by using a data-driven approach to SEO on Amazon and Flipkart. We can design data-backed plans that boost your product orders and income using a year of exclusive data and the finest tools.

  • Reasonable Price.

We believe in openness, which is why our pricing is accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may access them now or later – and without the inconvenience of answering information demands. Even if you want a bespoke estimate for our Amazon and Flipkart optimization services, our experts will explain every aspect.

  • Personalized strategy.

FacenobMedia does not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. For all of our services, we believe in personalized methods. You can rely on your account manager to customize our optimization services for Flipkart and Amazon, store services for Amazon and Flipkart, and PPC services for both to meet your specific needs.

  • Unrivaled customer satisfaction.

With over 1000+ compliments, we really mean it when we say your pleasure is important to us – as seen by our 91% customer retention rate. FacenobMedia is a long-term partner for your SEO campaign on Flipkart and Amazon.

  • Measurable outcomes.

FacenobMedia’s dedication to openness extends not just to our rates but also to our outcomes. You can see the figures we generate for our customers, whether it’s conversions or organic search traffic, whether you’re browsing our portfolio or client analytics.

  • Years of experience.

Our interest in digital marketing began more than 5 years ago. Because of our persistence, determination, and data, we’ve risen to the top of the market. FacenobMedia, together with some of the industry’s greatest digital strategists, will help you flourish in the Flipkart and Amazon marketplaces.

Are you certain that FacenobMedia is the right SEO company for your Amazon or Flipkart needs? Contact us online now to begin planning your strategy, or call (+91) 9801017220 to speak with an expert strategist about our SEO optimization services for Flipkart or Amazon.

Why do Businesses invest in Amazon and Flipkart SEO services?

Businesses should utilize the platform since Amazon and Flipkart dominate the online economy. But why work with an SEO firm for Amazon and Flipkart? FacenobMedia can improve your goods’ income, leads, and market supremacy.

  • Boost your Amazon ranking.

If you’re new to the Amazon or Flipkart marketplaces, you’ll undoubtedly find that it’s difficult to get a high sales ranking—the position of your product in Amazon or Flipkart search results. A high position in search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo generally leads to increased clicks and conversions. For example, first-page Google search results generate 33% of all search traffic.

To increase your Amazon and Flipkart rankings, our team uses search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. That is, we are investigating high-volume, low-competition Amazon search phrases and implementing them into your product page to boost its position.

However, we place a premium on the user experience. As a result, we design product material that promotes readability, quality, and your brand voice. It’s organic and appealing to customers, urging them to select your business and goods.

We can also help your goods acquire rapid visibility on Amazon and Flipkart by offering pay-per-click (PPC) services to supplement your SEO approach. You only pay when a consumer clicks on your listing, just as with conventional PPC advertisements.

  • Earn your product’s Buy Box.

The Buy Box is a must-have for every Amazon or Flipkart merchant. Every Amazon and Flipkart product listing has a “Buy Box.” When a user hits “Add to Cart,” Amazon or Flipkart adds the product that is currently in the Buy Box.

If your product lacks the Buy Box, you must rely on customers to go the extra mile and compare vendors through the “Other Sellers on Flipkart and Amazon” option. The danger is that customers will compare your product’s pricing and delivery charges to every other listing.

They will also view your seller information, which will allow them to compare your total rating to others.

FacenobMedia’s Flipkart and Amazon listing optimization services help your firm get into the Buy Box.

This increases your sales and profitability while also broadening your customer base. Our staff will also ensure that your Amazon and Flipkart Seller Business account is suitable for the Buy Box, which is determined by many variables, including the kind of account you have.

  • Increase your earnings.

Amazon has become a spending hotspot as more individuals choose it for their purchases. According to studies, Amazon Prime members spend more than $1,000 a year on the e-commerce website, while non-members spend roughly $600 per year.

By establishing an Amazon and Flipkart Business Seller account, you provide your firm the opportunity to earn a percentage of that expenditure. In comparison, Amazon has over 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers.

At FacenobMedia, we’re obsessed with getting results.

That is why we use performance-driven techniques to increase your Amazon and Flipkart income. We develop a personalized SEO plan for Flipkart and Amazon based on a study of your audience, industry, business, and items to meet your profit targets for this quarter and next.

  • Improve your team’s productivity.

No matter how many goods you sell on Amazon and Flipkart, managing your inventory, orders, and listings takes time and attention. This consumes your team’s time, which may result in setbacks in other areas.

FacenobMedia is more than just a partner; we’re an extension of your team. That means we are committed to your success, which is why we will go above and beyond to optimize your earnings from Flipkart and Amazon, rather than settling for “good enough.”

This provides you with peace of mind. Furthermore, it provides your employees with a more manageable burden, which may increase productivity and provide even better outcomes for your business, allowing you to expand and become one of the finest places to work.

  • Boost brand awareness.

In most cases, you want to increase not just revenue but also brand recognition for your company. Listing optimization services for Amazon and Flipkart allow you to expose buyers to both your items and your brand. This may help your organization gain some independence from Amazon.

Instead of getting 90% of your sales through Flipkart and Amazon, for example, you may raise brand recognition to the point where customers begin buying things from your website. This might assist you in balancing your revenue avenues.

We understand the significance of brand recognition – and how to increase it—after more than 5 years of expertise in creating it via social media marketing, email marketing, site design, and a variety of other digital marketing services.

  • Increase the traffic to your website.

Diversifying your income sources is an advantage, which is why our team uses our digital marketing services to help you flourish on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms. We help you acquire vital website traffic by assisting your firm in becoming a juggernaut on Flipkart and Amazon, as well as establishing brand recognition.
This allows you to make income—and even leads — from your website.

  • Become a market leader.

You may rapidly acquire a known brand among customers with an enhanced sales ranking on Flipkart and Amazon, as well as the occupancy of your items’ Buy Boxes—particularly if you’re collaborating with reputable firms in your sector.

Your firm has enormous growth potential as an industry leader. Our staff can also assist you by offering extra digital marketing services that will allow your company to go beyond Amazon and into other channels.

You may observe the difference we make in businesses by looking through our portfolio and testimonials. Because of our SEO and web design services, our relationship with Ceramcor, an online retailer for ceramic cookware, increased yearly sales by 85%.

FacenobMedia’s SEO services for Amazon and Flipkart will help you increase your income.

Are you ready to enhance your revenue? Call us at (+91) 9801017220 to learn more about our Amazon and Flipkart SEO services! – you can also contact us online to tell us about your company and objectives for the future year!