Learn Marketing Resources for Amazon and Flipkart

Marketing Resources for Amazon and Flipkart

Marketing Resources for Amazon and Flipkart


Amazon and Flipkart account for more than half of all online sales, from items to services. As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, it has the potential to boost your sales, brand exposure, and market supremacy.

Selling on Amazon and Flipkart is also quite difficult. You must have the appropriate methods, tools, and Amazon marketing services on your side to succeed.

This Amazon marketing guide may assist you in taking your company’s success on Amazon to the next level. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Amazon and Flipkart marketing, as well as how Amazon services may help your company expand. You’ll also gain marketing suggestions for Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms.

What exactly are Amazon and Flipkart marketing?

Amazon and Flipkart marketing is a method that helps merchants and suppliers sell and advertise their items on Amazon and Flipkart. There are several techniques to pick from when marketing on Flipkart and Amazon, just as there are when marketing on other platforms.

Why should you utilize Amazon and Flipkart for product marketing?

Is Amazon or Flipkart the better match for your business? In the majority of circumstances, the answer is yes.

Even if your firm has its own website and online store, Amazon is likely to have a far larger reach and client base than your site, which means that marketing on Amazon will almost certainly boost the total number of people seeing your items online.

Having a shop on Amazon or Flipkart offers your company another cash source. You may continue to generate revenue from your website as long as you continue to optimize it for search engines or run advertisements.

How to Start an Amazon Store?

To begin selling your items on Amazon, you must first create an Amazon Storefront! Setting up a storefront is a simple procedure that can be completed by any merchant. To begin, you must register with the Amazon Brand Registry, an Amazon program for safeguarding your items from counterfeiters.

You’re ready to set up your shop after you’ve registered with the Amazon Brand Registry! Log in to either your Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central account to do so. After signing in, just pick “Storefront” from the main menu, click “Create Store,” and select your brand from the pop-up box. You have a variety of customization choices to select from, which we’ve covered in our comprehensive guide to setting up your Amazon Storefront.

How to Sell Products on Amazon and Flipkart?

Your company may utilize many methods on Amazon, including these Amazon product marketing approaches.

  • SEO for Amazon and Flipkart.

Like SEO for Google, SEO for Amazon and Flipkart focuses on optimizing product pages to optimize where the goods appear, or rank, within the result pages of an Amazon search.

Sellers and suppliers want their product pages to rank at the top of search results for relevant keywords or queries. SEO for Amazon and Flipkart, like conventional SEO, is free to use unless you outsource or purchase tools.

You may tackle SEO for Amazon items in the same way you would SEO for your own e-commerce website.

The method, like all effective SEO efforts, starts with keyword research. Long-tail keywords will help you stand out from the competition and connect with the demands of your target audience.

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, utilize them to direct your Amazon and Flipkart storefront optimization. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Control your reviews
  • Make your title more appealing.
  • Take note of image guidelines.
  • Utilize competition research to assist you in pricing your items.
  • Improve the readability of product descriptions.
  • Advertising on Amazon.

If you sell on Amazon and Flipkart but do not use Amazon and Flipkart ads, you may be passing up opportunities to get new clients. Amazon Ads provides a variety of ad formats, including:

  • Advertisements for Sponsored Products
  • Brands Sponsored
  • Display Ads for Products

If you’re just getting started, Sponsored Product Ads are a great place to start because they appear right next to Amazon and Flipkart search results.

You’ve probably seen the Sponsored Brands advertisements that display at the top of search results. These are excellent for linking your brand with items since they enable you to show your logo as well as up to three products from that category.

Product display advertising appears on Amazon and Flipkart in the same way as other display ads from Microsoft Ads or Google Ads do. You can target consumers based on their hobbies or items that are similar to yours with these sorts of ads, enabling you to broaden your reach.

While Amazon’s Sponsored Product Advertisements and Sponsored Brands ads are priced per click (PPC), Product Display Ads are priced per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM).

  • Amazon and Flipkart conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Any online vendor must optimize their conversion rate. The stakes are considerably higher on Amazon and Flipkart, where there are millions of rivals. Amazon CRO is concerned with improving the number of customers who convert and buy your stuff.

Begin by identifying aspects that may persuade people to pick your items. Product names, descriptions, pricing, and photographs are examples of these characteristics.

Then, experiment with various versions of these components. While it may be tempting to slap something together and see what sticks, A/B tests your adjustments so that you can follow the effects of your improvements and optimize your conversion rate using actual data.

  • Amazon and Flipkart review management.

Amazon and Flipkart reviews are critical for convincing customers to buy your stuff. They may also influence your Amazon visibility since they affect your rank in Amazon search results.

That is why Amazon review management is critical. Encouraging consumers to submit evaluations, reply to reviews, and answer queries are all part of review management.

  • External promotion for Amazon and Flipkart.

This method, also known as off-Amazon and Flipkart marketing, enables merchants and sellers to generate advertising and connect it to their Amazon product page or brand store. These connections may originate from a variety of sources, with the seller or vendor determining where they go. Here are a few examples:

  • Email marketing: Email marketing entails promoting your Amazon storefront using email newsletters.
  • PPC advertising: Marketing your items in search engines and on other websites using PPC advertising channels other than Amazon, such as Google Ads.
  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing entails including links to Amazon items in your organic social media postings.
  • Social media advertising: Social media advertising entails posting advertisements for your Amazon items on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

FacenobMedia can help you market (and sell) your items on Amazon.

FacenobMedia provides several marketing services for Amazon and Flipkart to match your specific requirements, whether you are new to marketing on Amazon and don’t know where to begin or you are currently marketing on Amazon and need assistance with optimization.
You may, for example, obtain assistance with:

  • Creating and starting your Amazon and Flipkart shop
  • Amazon and Flipkart Product Listing Optimization
  • Using advertisements to promote your business on Amazon
  • A one-on-one session may help you increase your sales.
  • Increasing the number of product reviews

So, whether you want to start from scratch or expand on an existing foundation, FacenobMedia has the personnel, technology, and know-how to greatly improve your Amazon and Flipkart marketing strategy, providing your items with the essential reach to drive sales and improve your bottom line. Don’t spend any time increasing the visibility of your items. Please contact us right away!