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Social Media Advertising

Did you know that 74% of consumers make purchasing choices through social media? This implies that the social media ads on your e-commerce business might have a direct influence on your sales and earnings. Continue reading to find out how e-commerce social advertising services from FacenobMedia, a Meta Business Partner, may help you build your online business!

What is e-commerce social media advertising, and is it worthwhile?

Paid advertisements on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others are examples of social media advertising for e-commerce.

Paid social advertising extends your reach on social networks beyond your organic social media approach. Because of algorithm modifications on sites like Facebook, reaching clients organically in their social feeds is more difficult than ever. That is why, particularly for e-commerce companies wanting to increase online sales, social media advertising should be considered.

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How to Advertise on Social Media for Ecommerce?

There’s a lot that goes into developing successful social media advertising, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few key aspects.
To begin promoting your e-commerce company on social media, do the following:

1. Determine your campaign’s objectives.
Do you want to increase brand recognition? How can you increase traffic to your website? increase your sales?

Setting specific objectives for your social advertising campaigns can help you get the best results.

Not sure how to develop effective social media objectives? Facenob Media’s professionals can assist you!

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2. Select your social media outlets.
Following that, you must decide which platforms you will employ for social advertising. You may opt to promote on one or several platforms, depending on your objectives and target demographic.

3. Create your ad copy and creative.
You should also think about ad design. You want your social advertisements to stand out in consumers’ feeds and inspire them to click, whether you utilize picture, video, or plain text ads.

Not a design whiz? Don’t be concerned.

FacenobMedia can assist you in creating engaging commercials that complement your company’s objectives.

4. Design unique landing pages.
Following that, you’ll need to create personalized landing pages that users will “land” on after clicking your advertising.

Check that your landing page corresponds to your ad wording. For instance, if you launch a campaign to promote vehicle parts that you sell, you should connect the ad to a landing page that showcases your car component inventory.

Landing pages should feature a clear call to action (CTA) so that visitors know what to do next.

Learn more about landing page design best practices.

5. Configure ad targeting
Custom targeting is used in successful e-commerce social media advertisements to reach the most qualified audience.

Depending on your campaign and aims, you may opt to target social media users using the following criteria:

  • Customized or pre-existing client lists
  • User intent, keyword, and interest
  • School, occupation, and workplace
  • Size of the company, industry, and job title
  • Device
  • Demographics and much more

FacenobMedia can assist you in identifying and implementing ad targeting choices that will create the greatest results for your company.

6. Run your ads and track their performance.
Finally, it’s time to start running advertising!

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to constantly monitor and assess campaign performance. This enables you to make data-driven modifications to your campaigns to get more visibility, leads, and conversions.

Our customers get monthly social reports and optimization advice from FacenobMedia.
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7. Collaborate with an e-commerce advertising agency.
If the processes outlined above seem onerous, we recommend collaborating with eCommerce advertising professionals, such as our team at FacenobMedia.

An expert e-commerce social media advertising firm can guide you through each stage of creating advertisements that will generate results for your company.

Where should I place my ad? Top 7 E-commerce social media platforms.

FacenobMedia’s e-commerce social media advertising offerings include advertisements on popular platforms such as:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Snapchat

FacenobMedia’s social advertising services may help you reach your specific business objectives, regardless of the platform you utilize.

Continue reading to discover more about our e-commerce social advertising programs.

What are the benefits of e-commerce social media advertising services?

Our e-commerce social media advertising services are tailored specifically for small and midsized online business owners.
As a result, our services include:

Ad management on social media.

When you work with FacenobMedia for e-commerce social media advertising, you will be assigned a personal account manager. You will also get assistance from social team members who are knowledgeable about each network.

With a dedicated account manager and comprehensive reporting, you can make data-backed choices to catapult your campaigns to new heights.

Audit of social advertising accounts.

We’ll begin our collaboration with an evaluation of your social advertising account.

Our experts will examine your present social media strategy as well as the advertisements of your rivals to determine where to place your ads to get the greatest results.

Strategy and consultation for social media advertising.

We’ll give suggestions for your campaign structure and quantity of ads after assessing your present social ad account to assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

We will also assist you in determining the optimal audience targeting and budget alternatives for your e-commerce company.

Our social media strategists have over 25 years of expertise and know what it takes to produce results for e-commerce businesses. But don’t just take our word for it—hear from 1,020 satisfied customers.

Creative development in social advertising.

Following that, we’ll work with you to create eye-catching ad creative.

Our creative development process involves the following steps:

  • Copy
  • Headlines
  • Ad creative
  • CTAs

The first ad design includes two rounds of modifications, allowing you to provide input before the advertisements go live.

Ad targeting on social media.

What is one significant advantage of social media advertising? To reach the most important audience, your e-commerce company might employ sophisticated targeting.
Among our ad targeting choices are:

  • Custom audiences may be created by employing social pixels or customer list targeting.
  • Targeting by keyword, interest, and user intent
  • Targeting at school, career, and workplace
  • Targeting by company size, industry, and job title
  • Device selection
  • Demographic profiling

Custom targeting saves your company money by focusing on prospects who are most likely to convert.

Management and optimization are ongoing.
FacenobMedia’s e-commerce social advertising programs include continuous ad monitoring and optimization.

Social advertising isn’t a one-and-done tactic. We’ll keep a close eye on ad performance and outcomes.

Then, based on ad data, we will adjust your campaigns to get even greater results.

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting is included in our e-commerce social advertising services. You’ll also get access to a reporting dashboard to conveniently track ad outcomes.

Social ad reports show you precisely where your money is going, what’s performing well for your campaigns, and where we can improve to optimize your advertisements.

Ecommerce social ad integrations.
We provide integrated solutions to make social media advertising effortless if your e-commerce business operates on the following platforms.

  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify
  • Storeden
  • WooCommerce

Get started with social media ads.

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FacenobMedia, a Meta Business Partner, can assist you. Over the last five years, we’ve assisted customers in managing over 12.9 million e-commerce transactions.

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