Difference Between Static & Dynamic Websites

What is The Difference Between Static & Dynamic Websites?

Static & Dynamic Websites

A website may be classified into two sorts. You only need to know which form of the website works best for you, what function you want in your website, and how you want to design it as a company owner or person. When we surf the internet, two components manage communication between the user and the website: a web browser (client) and a web server (server). This communication is governed by protocols such as HTTP, in which the browser makes an HTTP request to the server, and the server provides an HTTP response to the browser, and the website may be classified as static or dynamic based on the answer that is provided to the browser. Understanding the distinctions between static and dynamic websites may be difficult.

Let’s Know About Static Website.

According to FacenobMedia, a website design company in Aurangabad. A static website is made up of a certain number of web pages produced using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that have the same content and structure. A static website’s page is saved as a single HTML file, which is supplied straight from the server to the web page as is. A static website’s content will not change until the coding of the original HTML file is changed. A static website is just information given that is sent to the client without any processing. The user sees the same website content regardless of who they are, whatever browser they are using when they are using, or where they are using.

6 Best Benefits of a Static Website:

  1. Building and deploying a static website takes less time.
  2. They are safe.
  3. Faster loading
  4. Easily rank high on SERPs
  5. Consider cheap cost.
  6. After a crash, it is simple to restore.

5 Major Demerit of a Static website:

  1. Updating a static website might be difficult.
  2. Could be somewhat out of date
  3. a poor user experience
  4. There is no contact with customers.
  5. Scalability is limited.

Let’s Know About Dynamic website.

A dynamic website is developed utilizing server-side languages and techniques that allow the content of each page to be provided dynamically based on the user’s activity, which is known as “user-generated content.” Real-time web page generation is provided by the dynamic website. A dynamic website stores data in a database, and the database records are maintained and changed to update the content of the dynamic website. A dynamic website is adaptable in terms of content and structure to provide a better user experience depending on the user’s request. Server-side programming languages such as PHP, C#, or Python are used to develop dynamic websites. These server-side programs are used to create dynamic websites capable of generating real-time HTML pages that respond to the user’s request.

5 Benefits of a Dynamic Website:

  1. more practical
  2. An orderly method of storing data
  3. User-generated content
  4. Simple to update
  5. improved user experience
Major Demerit of a Dynamic website:
  1. Expensive for creating and maintaining
  2. Slow processing


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