Amazon and Flipkart Stores and Marketplace Launch Services

Amazon & Flipkart Stores and Marketplace Launch

Stores and Marketplace Launch

FacenobMedia is an Amazon marketing firm that helps businesses grow their sales globally. You may increase your sales, income, and market dominance by using our Amazon Store setup and administration services.

With our Stores and Marketplace Launch Services for Amazon and Flipkart, you may join the world’s biggest retail marketplace.

Amazon accounts for more than 40% of online sales, and half of today’s customers use Amazon to find new products. Businesses cannot dispute Amazon’s great value, which is why an Amazon store is necessary.

FacenobMedia can help you reach your objectives on the world’s largest e-commerce website, whether you’re new to the Amazon marketplace and need assistance creating your Amazon Store or you’re an established company that needs help optimizing your Amazon Store.

Contact us online now to see how our team of over 100 Amazon marketing professionals may benefit your company. Alternatively, you may speak with one of our experienced strategists by calling (+91) 9801017220.

What do our Amazon & Flipkart Stores and Marketplace Launch Services entail?

When you work with FacenobMedia to set up and maintain your Amazon Store, you get a complete set of deliverables that will help you succeed on Amazon. This may boost your sales and earnings while also increasing your online presence in Amazon search results.

  • Amazon & Flipkart store creation.

If your firm is new to Amazon, our award-winning designers can construct a personalized Amazon storefront for you. We set up your Amazon shop for success by creating a design that provides the finest user experience as well as the best showcasing of your brands and items.

  • Amazon & Flipkart Store Optimization.

For companies that already have a presence on Amazon and Flipkart, our team examines and optimizes your shop to increase sales and brand exposure. These improvements might range from a comprehensive makeover to a storefront update on your presented items.

We boost the online exposure of your Amazon and Flipkart Stores, as well as your items, by optimizing your listings – and if you’re new to Amazon or Flipkart, our staff will also add your products to your storefront. We optimize your items by producing captivating product descriptions and improving the category and subcategory categorization of your products.

  • Analysis of competitors.

Before we develop or enhance your shop, your dedicated Amazon and Flipkart marketing professional does extensive research on your competition on Amazon and Flipkart. We evaluate their goods, commercials, and storefronts to create a design and optimization approach that makes you their most formidable opponent.

Are you ready to launch or relaunch your Amazon and Flipkart stores? Please contact us online and tell us about your company and product line. Alternatively, call (+91) 9801017220 to talk with one of our expert strategists and obtain a personalized price.

Why should you utilize our Amazon and Flipkart account management services?

With over 5 years of expertise, we have a proven track record of improving customer income. We’ve been the preferred option for Amazon and Flipkart account management services because of our data-driven initiatives.

Discover why businesses use FacenobMedia for their Amazon and Flipkart needs:

  • Dedicated Amazon and Flipkart marketing expert.

We have over 100 marketing professionals for Amazon and Flipkart on our team. When you work with us, you get a committed and hands-on professional with over 43,800 hours of experience. Unlike other organizations, your expert takes the time to learn about your company, name, products, and objectives.

  • Unrivaled customer satisfaction.

FacenobMedia consistently outperforms industry expectations in terms of customer happiness and retention. Our customer retention score is 91%, which is 488% greater than the industry average. Nothing we do at FacenobMedia, on the other hand, is ordinary.

  • Machine learning technology that is cutting-edge.

We create unique marketing tools as a leading performance-driven digital marketing firm. Our staff can uncover high-value keywords for your items using our unique software tool, which includes machine learning technology. Furthermore, we can supply your team with data-backed advice that can increase your sales.

  • Data-driven approaches.

When it comes to our store management services for Amazon and Flipkart, we don’t rely on hunches. We instead depend on almost five years of private data.

Why invest in Amazon and Flipkart store setup and management?

Are you debating whether your organization should invest in Amazon and Flipkart store creation and administration services? There are several reasons to consider Amazon in addition to a storefront, especially since the platform accounts for 40% of all online sales.
Companies are also investing in our Amazon and Flipkart account management services for the following reasons:

  • Increase your Amazon and Flipkart sales.

With half of the market searching for a new product on Amazon and Flipkart, businesses need to have a presence there. A store on Amazon and Flipkart not only shows that your firm is active on Amazon but also that you are well-established.

That may function as a trust indication for many customers. Your Amazon and Flipkart stores demonstrate that there is a brand and a corporation behind a product. This may persuade customers to add your goods to their basket rather than a competitor’s.

  • Increase customer loyalty.

A shop on Amazon or Flipkart functions as a microsite for your business. You will be given a unique URL as well as a space to promote your business and goods. Even better, your Amazon and Flipkart stores may include connections to your social network accounts.

This might lead to more interaction on your social media sites. It may also enhance these customers’ loyalty. For example, when you debut a new product, you may notice your social network followers and offer a link to your Amazon and Flipkart listings.

It’s important to remember, though, that social media is more than just a promotional tool. If you want to increase the loyalty of your target customer, you must tailor your social media approach to them. Provide them with value in the form of relevant and unique content, as well as sneak peeks inside your company.

  • Make shopping experiences that are immersive.

When you invest in our Amazon and Flipkart store creation service or store administration service, you create an engaging buying experience. They may go over your items without being distracted by search results, almost as if they were on your website.

You may increase not just your sales but also your brand recognition by providing this kind of experience. Better brand recognition may lead to the previously stated advantages, such as more activity on your social media accounts and increased consumer loyalty.

  • Personalize product promos.

We can handpick items to advertise on your Amazon and Flipkart Stores or use dynamic widgets to auto-populate your product displays using our account management for Amazon and Flipkart Stores. For example, you may highlight your best-selling goods to boost sales even more.

In most cases, your Amazon and Flipkart marketing professionals will utilize keyword data and individual consumer insights to tailor which goods show on the homepage of your store. In this manner, you may provide consumers with personalized selections that are relevant to their purchasing behavior.

  • Implement digital marketing tactics.

Another advantage of investing in Amazon and Flipkart store management services is that they may support your other digital marketing initiatives. Your social media strategy and content marketing plan, for example, may both profit from your Amazon and Flipkart stores.

Your social media networks might contain fresh material from your content marketing plan in this instance. This would engage consumers who came via your store’s social media connections. If your social networking content is linked to your website, it may help lead visitors to your site.
FacenobMedia, as a full-service Internet marketing firm, can assist you in integrating these tactics.

FacenobMedia can help you launch your Amazon and Flipkart Stores.

FacenobMedia has been trusted by e-commerce firms for the last 5 years. Whether you’re wanting to create or maintain your Amazon or Flipkart store, our staff can assist you in increasing your sales on the e-commerce platform.

Contact us now to learn more about our Amazon and Flipkart store management services! You can also contact one of our knowledgeable strategists at (+91) 9801017220 for a free and personalized quote.